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How to Break a Negative Spell 

You'd be surprised at how much negative energy you release from your body once you begin meditating on a daily basis. Meditation will cause you to release worry, fears, guilt, and doubts you never knew you had.Many people have fears for so long that it creat has created a hopeless mood. A "mood" is simply a habitual state of being that is produced from an individuals thoughts… Read more

Michio Kaku on the Future 

Theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, is here to blow your mind with a vision of what the future will look like in our Lifetime. From artificial Intelligence, internet contact lenses, and digital medicine, it appears as if we are truly headed towards a time in space that seems more like science fiction. This is truly an age of transparency. The faster we make peace with ourselves, the less we will have to hide from the outside world. Enjoy....

The Spiritual Millionaire 

  Wealth is the constant realization of the abundance that exist everywhere I look. In fact, wealth is existence. And existence is wealth.The more I look within, the external, secondary abundance becomes easier and easier for me to obtain.Now as I fly high beyond yesteryear's excuses, more and more, I am learning to "be" the opportunity I wish to see in the world.Laughter and… Read more

Why Do We Suffer? 

To get the answer to that question, look no further than what we believe about ourselves. The world is populated with human beings that believe they are inherently evil sinners. This one simple belief shapes the foundation for much of human suffering. It sets the stage for us to act out every negative thing we've ever been told about ourselves.Many see suffering as honorable, yet, happiness is often… Read more

The Art of Forgiveness 

Jewels talks with Forgiveness Expert Karen Scarpulla and moving story about her journey of forgiveness after she moved her family back in to her ex-husbands home immediately after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her book is Walking towards the Light, a Journey of Forgiveness and Death. http://loaradionetwork.com/jewels http://walkingbeyond.com

The First Step To Changing Your Life Is A Decision 

If you want to change or improve your life, the first thing you must do is to MAKE A DECISION TO CHANGE. CHANGE  includes changing how you think and what you are committed to do. Without that decision and commitment to it, you cannot experience lasting change. Without a DECISION about who you want to become, you […]

Wire Your Brain For Success 

Jewels welcomes Neuro-Scientist and Success Coach Clint Pearman that talks about great and easy techniques to rewire the brain FOR SUCCESS. http://loaradionetwork.com/jewels Http://clintpearman.com

The Reconnection - Dr. Eric Pearl 

Its all about the Reconnection to the the frequency, particles and infinite love to heal and be heal, to be happy in our journey of life. Join Jewels as she chats with International Healing Facilitator, Dr. Eric Pearl (aka the Reconnective Healer) Great Show! Http://loaradionetwork.com/jewels http://thereconnection.com

How Facebook Posts Manipulate Your Emotions  

  Mainstream media has known from the very beginning that you can control a mass amount of the population by controlling what type of information a mass amount of the population is exposed to. This is why 95% of the news shows negative information.Well, recently, Facebook conducted a study to determine if the information you were exposed to on your timeline had anything to do with triggering your emotions. The results just might blow you away. Here's NDews with more on this topic. 

How Do I Love Myself? 

If you're not truly happy, it is because you are consciously or unconsciously waiting for something or someone outside of you to love of you before you wholeheartedly love yourself. Loving yourself is simply about accepting yourself. Once you accept your flaws, you will find the beauty in them. And then, you can change them to the way you want them to be. Not out of disapproval of them,… Read more

Light Watkins, Says You Can You Meditate Anywhere!!! 

A very well-rounded being and meditation teacher, Light Watkins, is here to let you know that you don't need to go into a controlled environment to have a beautiful meditation experience. Watkins says that meditating anywhere allows you to better deal with the real world. And we at NSOL totally agree. Check out this video and feel free to Contact Light Watkins Here.

Can You Identify with Rosie? 

Jewels does an on-air coaching session with Rosie who has issues with the breakup with her fiance. She gets great clarity that it was her issues that brought her to end the relationship and she could finally stop blaming him for NOT being the one. Great insight on Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels

Founded By: Robbie Cornelius

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